A freelance and contract based photographer, offering an array of images in both motorsports and lifestyle.

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Who are “we”?

Brenda Jane Photography, also known as former Image81, is on-site photography that specializes in all levels of the Motorsports Industry as well as personal and professional needs. Traveling between Charlotte, North Carolina and Scarborough, Maine, along with several places between and beyond provides her with the ability to explore and reach any new ideas that people come up with. She loves to play on the playground as much as the kids do and loves to be able to provide the most comfortable and fun environment for all! When God’s work is so proudly displayed there is a bit of landscape and history mixed into her work as well!

So where does the “we” come in? Occasionally, I will have help or guest photographers in which I will work with and display their work! Life is all abut harnessing our passion but also in sharing what we know to grow ourselves!

Who am I?

• I’m a native Maine(ah) where the Atlantic Ocean will always be home <3
• Someone who loves breakfast for dinner
• Embraces hot chocolate nights and flip-flop days
• Long drives to no where is where her best ideas come
• Since relocating to NC I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to “Sweet Frog”
• Fur momma to my GracieGirl who is currently residing with her grandparents
• Hopeless romantic celebrating all of life’s moments

How did I get into photography?

It seems like everyone these days is a “photographer” and I guess I’m not different in retrospect. However, my passion for the camera has come from a very young age when my dad kept telling me to not touch his film pentax camera because it was expensive (Which of course we all know only made me want to touch it more!). See, my dad was an amateur photographer as well and from what i’m told even had his own dark room built when he was younger… how awesome is that?! I remember getting a hand me down camera when I was younger, not quite as cool as my dads, but it was mine…and I took pictures of anything I could. I’m so blessed to be developing my love for photography in the “digital” age however, especially when you’re an instant gratification kind of person like me! :) I started out harassing my friends and then moved to my love for auto racing where I spent most of my weekends. Combine the two and I have some fabulously spent weekends and that hasn’t changed as an adult!

Let me capture your event and your love for your family, events and/or sports! I travel quite often to New England and will travel wherever I need – I mean who doesn’t want to travel? So don’t let that deter you! Let’s talk! Talking is FREE and well we all know that FREE is good! :)

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