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Area Auto Racing News

Being partners in photography with Area Auto Racing News (AARN) based out of New Jersey has been an amazing blessing!  I have met some fantastic people who also work with the paper that has allowed me to not only cultivate friendships personally but also professionally.  I've been able to watch, study and learn alongside the best of the best.  The opportunities I've been granted have provided me with the drive to keep "diggin" and to keep moving forward. 

We all know that the print industry is dying -- but please check out aarn.com and look at all the fantastic information you find in regards of all types of Motorsports up and down the east coast as well as across america and sometimes beyond! 

Eastern Motorsports Press Association

Being a member or the Eastern Motorsports Press Association (EMPA) as a photographer has been amazing!  When you ever need advice or help on what to do or how to handle a situation there is someone who has been there and done it and is happy to offer advice whenever you need it! 

Each year we all get together for a conference at the beginning of the year to celebrate the previous year and to get ready for the upcoming one.  The information, history and stories that get told (Some may be a bit embellished) are hard to take in all at once... there is so much in that room!  I feel like such a small fish in this massive ocean of people. 

I love that I get to learn and be accepted along side my peers and people that I call friends! 

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